Reindeer are Real


Some may say a treeless landscape is bleak. I like it. Perhaps its the ability to see far and spot animals, like these run-away reindeer brought to Iceland by the Norse. A treeless landscape with reindeer, fog and lichen is good.

A Cold Storm


There is something beautiful about a cold dark storm. I took this photo without a tripod as I stood (or tried to stand) on the southern shore of Iceland, braced against a volcanic cliffside while the arctic winds and sea spray rammed against the rocks. It was definitely a shot clumsily taken while in retreat, but some of my greatest photos have been taken while running away!

The Hunt


The wolves swirled around the herd of bewildered bison, as if to confuse them. I myself could not keep track of them as the wove in and out of the forest, appearing and disappearing. They would often circle the bison to look for weaknesses – a chance for a meal. The wolves were hungry. So were the bison. So was I. So I ate a cliff bar… and watched.

Into the Open


Although wolves are in the area, this elk emerges from the ice fog and braves the open snowfield.

Standing Still


As the geysers have come to life, the forest dies from the flood of hot water.

Wolf on the Prowl


An aging alpha male plows through the snow on its way to a nearby bison herd. The wolf sinks into the snow a little, but a bison sinks even further…

Furry and Fierce


Some of our planet’s fiercest females are the bison. They raise their young in sub-zero environments while foraging on the fragile ground around boiling thermal plumes.